I have always been fascinated by what makes people tick.

From neurology to cosmology, the individual to the collective, there are patterns at play and mysteries to be solved.

Many have asked “why are we here” and if we can shape our world for the better. The creative arts play a significant role in forming and transforming our societies as history can testify.

My inquisitive path, as a musician, has led me down many roads as I seek to understand the times we are in and what new perspectives we can contribute. Weaving together the strands of Buddhism, tai chi, neurology, diet, sound cymatics and cellular biology, has brought me to this point of fusion.

This blog has been designed to bring together research and ideas to be exchanged so that greater harmony and unity can be created (in the individual and collective).

New perspectives will ripple out with our learning and be reflected in the world. I look forward to the writing process and the interactive dialogue with you the readers.

So…..lets put our heads (and hearts) together and make some waves!