Transition into the transition diet (part 2 of 3)

Continuing the research into the effects of food on our cells and consciousness has led me to experiment with a variety of diet regimes (low fat, high protein, vegetarian, vegan, raw). Information and misinformation has created so much confusion that most people do not know what to eat anymore!

In truth, many of us have never been in superior (non-toxic) health, so there is nothing to compare ourselves (and cells) to. When opting for convenience food and easy choices, it certainly fuels our world economies but not our ultimate health or higher consciousness.

“Life is a tragedy of nutrition”   – Prof Arnold Ehret

My path has finally led me to the Mucusless Diet Healing System. It was created by the visionary German healer Prof. Arnold Ehret (1866-1922) who was one of the first people to advocate fasting and a plant-based, vegan and mucus-free lifestyle. At 31, he cured himself of Bright’s disease with his discoveries and thereby gained back his vitality and health. He opened his own clinics in Switzerland and California and cured thousands of patients (many with advanced cancer).

A contemporary teacher of this system is Prof. Spira and I recommend his very informative website and book Spira Speaks. He goes into great depth about the mucusless healing system and how to do it.

Some of the big points are:

HEALTH is…..a clean bloodstream

Most of us do not realize how unclean the inside of the body is. From the mouth to the colon is one long tube. The colon is the source of all disease and has never been properly emptied since birth. Even as children, we were stuffed with cow’s milk, meat, eggs, potatoes and cereal products.

So the bottom line is….mucus forming foods create so much obstruction that the body can no longer receive efficient amounts of oxygen in the bloodstream.

DISEASE is….constipation

Prof. Erhert believes there are 4,000 different names for ailments but all originate from the same condition of clogged pipes which obstructs the oxygen uptake in the blood. We have yet to feel the impact of the FULL life force and the harmony and health it brings!

VITALITY = Power minus Obstruction

When cells are swimming in toxins, the membrane is less elastic. Our responsiveness is affected on all levels so that we become a smaller version of what we could be.

The human engine is….A PUMP SYSTEM

“Ancestors have been killing themselves with mucus for thousands of generations by putting SOLID matter into an air-gas-engine”  – Prof Spira

OXYGEN is….the real food!

Every organism lives on the expansive energy of carbon dioxide. The carbon, hydrogen and oxygen is produced in green plants by photosynthesis. We block the uptake of the oxygen through the accumulation of our undigested food materials.


When we go against the laws of nature, the body can only respond with DIS-ease. The body is a mirror and a tool and will show us the right way to live.

So…what is accumulated mucus????

It is undigested, uneliminated food substances, dead cells, mucin, inorganic slats, water and past medications.

Living in the buffer zone is the “reality” most of us find our selves/cells in until we transition to the optimal non-congesting fuel for the body. The degree of chaos and stress we have now come to accept as “normal” is the exact opposite to the finely tuned harmony of syncronicity and the beautiful living conditions that creates.


Most of us are so toxic that we now need to transition into the transition diet.

There is NO shortcut…Mother nature will not allow it. Eating “clean” food without first cleansing, can make you feel worse as the food mixes with wastes and poisons in the obstructed blood stream. Cell regeneration can only occur through inner house cleaning.

The Mucusless Diet:

  1. raw fruits/greens….for cleansing qualities
  2. baked fruit/vegetables….the real food
  3. baked/stewed fruit….to moderate elimination

The key is to remember…

FRUIT – loosens

SALAD/COOKED VEG – is the broom

ENEMAS – empties the garbage

So eating is used to control bodily elimination. Our blood will then absorb more oxygen and all of our organs will reap the benefits.

Realistically…it could take our whole life to “transition” but for most it takes 3-5 years because of the levels of our toxicity. Ultimately food energy is viewed as stimulation only as the real energy comes from the oxygen.

We are all seeking in-spira-tion. Interestingly “spira” means spirit and to breathe!!! The wisdoms and answers we seek are in the AIR we breathe.

The next blog will go into greater detail about the diet. It takes much knowledge to do this properly. If you would like to follow up with your own research, please start with Spira’s website and book quoted above.



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