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Tap Roots (part 1 of 3)

To live with CELLULAR AWARENESS is to live in a brand new world full of magical synchronicities and infinite potentials. Throughout history, mythological stories exist of breatharians, immortals and shamans who have experienced the height of human potential. We “mortals” have been led to believe in our limitations so make do with our life choices and illnesses.

When we question rituals and habits, a ray of light finds its way through a crack. New hope and new possibilities emerge if we have the courage or heart felt need to let go of the old ways.

If our social structures are created through our cellular states, we then have the perfect mirror to play our lives differently and a tool to confirm our new choices.

The cell is an ENERGY READER and the tap root to our personal and collective power. With careful cleansing and nutrition, our cells are empowered and liberated thereby becoming fully functional and energized. Suddenly we exist again in our true integrity and right to be! No one can feel the subtle body transitions like yourself. New sensitivities will become available again as we attune to our inner wisdom. By understanding the MATERIAL we are made of, it will put an end to “escaping the self” and put us back in the true playing field of quantum energy possibilities.



Let’s look at the fascinating interior of the cell. It is like a world within a world.

There is so much going on within it is mind blowing!

When we make “toxic choices” it affects the space around the cell and the flexibility of its membrane. In a life situation, this would block our subtle integration and make us respond differently. The STATE of the cell would decide our available energy and have a knock on affect to our individual/collective consciousness.


                     You can only DO what your CELLS can DO! 


img_1925 img_2430


So with clogged “sticky” cells, there is a backlog of unused energy which can intensify and accumulate. Some energy healers can feel this DENSITY in the energy body and can perceive the roots of intense suffering and illness.

According to science, the human body is ALKALINE by design. The environment in which our cells exist must be pH-balanced for optimum well-being. The pH is a measure of the concentration of hydrogen measured on a scale from 0 (very acidic) to 14 (very alkaline). At the centre, at 7, is neutral. Healthy blood has a pH of 7.365


If we give our cells the right fuel, its living environment will be reflected in ours.

img_2431 img_2411










We live in very ACIDIC cultures created by meat, alcohol, sugar, stress, pollution and poor sleep. But the miracle of the cell is that it will adapt to wrong living choices but at a cost with disease and I believe social violence…..we will never know what we could have been if we don’t get this right!

Join me for part 2 of the blog which will be looking at a TRANSITION diet and its social implications!





Locked In?

I would like to thank the many readers and followers who are writing in and commenting on the blog. You are all as curious and concerned as I am! I hope by exploring such big topics with some simplicity and clarity, we can tweak our world and ourselves in a different direction. I sense this is happening already with the feedback.

Occasionally I like to re-evaluate what is driving me to seek and ask so many questions about society, humanity and music. Perhaps I am just an unsettled soul or intuition is calling me to look within? Having a deep feeling that “something is wrong” with the world has been with me for many years!

Asking hard questions can unlock and help re-VIEW the composing (living) process:

  1. Did my life energy help or hinder the world?
  2. Did I get the best out of my life or was it limited by my “toxic” choices?
  3. Did these choices change the trajectory (path) and available energy in my life?
  4. What is a good day really?

With each passing year, I have become acutely aware that I no longer feel FED by consumer society and culture. The buzz of a coffee, a sweet cake or a wander round the shopping mall now leaves a bit of a hollow feeling. I find myself yearning deeper for something else……another WAY of being.

I now know I am “middle aged” as the world seems to be full of young people always looking down at their phones sending a text. Nobody actually looks up anymore! This addiction gives the impression that another human being has absolutely nothing to offer so they are not worth engaging with or even looking at.

If the “eyes are a window to the soul”, then we are missing vital information in not seeing each other. Without seeing, there is no feeling. The world is then wide open to manipulation with homogenous beings living in a homogenous society. It is a lonely place to be in.

We are not tweets. We are not a commercial product to be fashioned by designers. We are not a machine to be programmed with information and data.

So what are we?

Do we even know anymore?

Being layered in technological devices, chemicalized food and advertising media creates a “buffer zone” so thick that intuition cannot penetrate or activate change. Dismantling our wrong doings has to be done SLOWLY as all our worlds are overlapped and affected by such actions.

They say “your health is your wealth”, but to not be sick or in pain does not mean true health! There are levels of consciousness so refined (and achievable) if we delayer and become less addicted to our BLOCKERS!

Only those with an unsettled “inner calling” will feel compelled to do this kind of work….and there is NO going back!

As mentioned in the previous blog, the condition of the cell requires the utmost respect and a NEW lifestyle. The old world will lose its gloss when the love of truth is tasted and digested.

Join me tomorrow for part 1 of 3 blogs delving deeper into CELLULAR regeneration…