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Full Circle

Since the last blog post, there has been a massive shift in European politics and more tragic violent events. I would like to address the deep anger driving these changes from a biological perspective.

It is such an anomaly to look at life (events) without the “body in mind”. Because we are bio-resonators, living energetically in a world of  vibrational language, we need to fully understand the MATERIAL we are made of in order to use it wisely.


In all of my years of researching social systems, the mind, diet and musical structures, ONE crucial thing has always been overlooked (or taken for granted). Our levels of confusion, speculation and assumption can only increase without understanding this missing piece of the puzzle.

  1. Why do we not respect ourselves and others fully to the degree that we cause (intentional/unintentional) harm?
  2. Why do we collectively suffer from jealousy, anger, dissatisfaction and internal lack?

The missing piece = the CELLS!

We cannot “escape” our selves or our cells. They are both the means and material for processing life energy.

We have yet to meet and actualise the potential of our selves and cells.


The body is a wonderful instrument in which to create illumination, provided one transforms it.”

– Tibetan saying


The hypothesis being…..the degree of human suffering and all forms of violence are in direct relation to a lack of understanding and cultivated use of the CELL….it is truly what joins us all together regardless of race, religion or economics.



Consider this…

The CELL is –

  1. The starting and finishing point of ALL life.
  2. Central for without it we cannot build or change forms.
  3. The most intelligent part of the body.
  4. The most interfered with (wrong living habits).

Is it possible that what goes on in our cells is what goes on in our life? Are they mirroring each other? If the cell is the “true playing field” then why is this not the center of our learned skill base?

So much emphasis has been placed on understanding the self but I believe we cannot “figure out” life mentally without cellular awareness. Nothing will ever feel REAL until this link is fully understood and played with properly.

We have been dancing around this for eons! Phonetically the words self and cell sound very similar.

Look at the following words with “cell” in mind…they read with much deeper meaning!

celebrate – celestial – excellent – select – counsel – selfish – cancel – sell

Is it merely ironic that those souls who create extreme violence have to spend time in a prison cell? Are they going back FULL CIRCLE to a “cell” of which theirs was never understood or treated with respect? The message is deep and tragic as there are calls for even more prisons with increasing violence.

For those on the outside – there is yet another prison of generating lifestyles through selling the self (on various levels) and maintaining a selfishness for survival.

If we look at this “cellularly” it does indeed make some sense.


  • We are selling/celling every day
  • We are selfish because the cell has to maintain equilibrium to survive
  • We strive for excellence and love to celebrate our achievements
  • We have to be selective to negotiate our worlds and sometimes need to be counseled for advice and support
  • We also are disappointed when something is cancelled as we were looking forward to it


With clarity – I am not trying to justify selfish behaviour but seek to understand it biologically as many of the world’s ills seem to stem from it.

As mentioned in blog #1 the ancient Egyptians viewed anger as “missing information”. I have also questioned why old sound models have not healed our world of violence and suffering to the point of asking if “true” music has begun yet!?


THE QUESTION….. When (historically) has any society lived and created from cellular respect and awareness?


I view our historic social structures as CELLULAR STATES of being and non-being.

Consequently – who owns and generates the “power” has been the leitmotif (leading motive) since societies came into being and to this day is still creating daily violence.

The “missing information” we seek (to diffuse our anger) is in the CELL. The great human tragedy is that the truth was always within and it will ‘set us free’.

How we treat and fuel the cell will be the topic of my next blog very shortly. We will look at the acid/alkaline balance and how this affects consciousness and creativity. Further to this, the ATOMS we “process” through the cells will be the next link in the chain.

In the meantime……




Ponder…..what this (full circle) BIOSPHERE really is!