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Compose Yourself

The greatest thing you’ll ever learn, is just to love and be loved in return.”

Eden Ahbez (Nature Boy lyrics)

Life is a composition. We often speak in musical terms without realizing it. In seeking harmony, we aim to be on the same wave length to create sympathetic vibrations so that we can be in resonance with each other. Any degree of tension feels better when there is a resolution. Flow returns yet we have been modulated by the experience…so the cycle continues until we bump into the next big wave!

Our creation is bio-chemically driven; wants, needs and desires are fuelled by hormones. In his book, Britain On the Couch, author Oliver James uncovers why we are unhappier than we were in the 1950’s – despite being richer. The brain produces a ‘happiness chemical’ called Serotonin which can become depleted with stress, competition and criticism.

Living in a “low Serotonin society” produces a lot of sad songs. Lyrics that constantly question love and personal value are common. The more de-powered (or empowered) the human being becomes, the greater the need to create songs that question social structures and authority.

Many people feel we have “lost our way” and are uncertain about the purpose of life. There is a pessimism that comes from low Serotonin along with a need to use stimulants to feel better. Are we just ‘born to shop’ or is there an untapped potential waiting to be explored in all of us?

“Nothing happens until something moves.”

Alfred Einstein

The BIG PROBLEM is…….energy! We get stuck in comfortable and uncomfortable grooves, then we don’t seem to have the energy to get out of them. My experiments as a composer have taught me that just altering one┬ánote in a melody can change its trajectory of development and ultimately the whole form of the composition.


Where does one get the energy to change (the notes) in the “life composition” thereby releasing oneself from the grooves?

It is a feeling…in the heart…that something is not right or out of balance. It is love – of life, of humanity, of the precious moment we find ourselves in.

There is so much love in the air. It is full of information and consciousness! I have sensed that my doorways to discovery and invention remain closed….unless…there is a felt love in my experience.


But what kind of love is this? Indescribable to define…it’s an awareness that ALL is living and composing itself (with and without me). The more I feel ‘the living air’, the more I am part of the process of creation. The air is a magical medium!

In the east, there are ancient schools of “energy cultivation” that recognize the infinite potential of the complete human being. We can help our cells (and selves) with more tools to stimulate our growth. It’s the subject of my next blog.

Feel your form….compose yourself!