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Making Waves

Hello and welcome to my new experimental blog! For many years I have been researching the healing use of sound in seeking to understand the world condition and the true nature of human suffering. By weaving together studies in Buddhism, sound cymatics, diet, neurology and cellular systems, a platform for discussion and comments will be created.

There are moments in life when everything changes, when the world looks completely different, and when a calling is heard for the very first time. As a teenager, I read a book by Steven Halpern called Tuning the Human Instrument – Keeping Yourself in Sound Health. The idea that “properly chosen sounds” could bring about physical and psychic harmony was a revelation for me!

To become consciously “soundsitive” is to see and respect the body as a bio-resonator. Through kinesiology, it was found that body muscles tested weak to certain rhythms and those rhythms were not good for the heart or nervous system. Most people are not aware of this or that the body will rectify the imbalance if given a chance.

Steven wrote, “most people have never learned how to listen to music in a healing way….very few have trained in the therapeutic aspects of composition and performance”. Crucially, he also said, “music, as an energy, can work on the entire energy body of an individual and speak in the vibration language, the mother tongue, to the various organs and systems, to help bring that body into physical alignment and attunement with its own perfect pattern of perfection”.

My training as a classical pianist and composer felt like a parallel path to this. As a musician, I have always felt like I am in two very separate worlds! Why is that you might ask? Because traditional music was never recognised as “an energy”, so much of its dimensionality and potential was missing for me. Sound formulas, rules, commercial agendas made music into a “material” that could be bought and sold without ever entering its subtle mysteries.

When we read…..between the lines….the space becomes the powerful and meaningful place to be. This intuitive knowing needs to be validated as “a reality” that we all live and operate from. Science is now allowing us to see on screen what we felt in our hearts all along. But crucial life moments place us back in that space of attunement and resonance. It is all within but it takes years to truly trust this!

What do you think of this?

Music is…..

Man Understanding Spiritual Information Clearly
– Kenneth Gamble

This is a very loaded statement. Where do we understand from? What is the information? How can this be done clearly?

For me…..this is the tip of the iceberg. One has to acknowledge music as sacred energy being absorbed by a sacred body to even begin to understand what “information” is being communicated vibrationally. Without respect being given to either sound or body, the potential information is not absorbed. Interestingly, the ancient Egyptians said anger is considered to be a state of “missing information”.

We live in a very volatile world now. Our technology has made us more aware of tension and violence which also feeds daily into our bodies and energy.

My argument is (rightly or wrongly) that if the sound models we have been listening to for the last 500 years vibrationally worked, why do we still have hundreds of wars a year brewing?

Coming back full circle……perhaps we have yet to create through “properly chosen sounds” which will help alleviate the tensions and toxic stresses of this world?

Without understanding spiritual information clearly, we are missing the point of our arts because the subtle energy is not being acknowledged or cultivated for our harmonious good.

So it makes me wonder……has “true” music really begun yet?

I invite your comments!