Transition into the transition diet (part 2 of 3)

Continuing the research into the effects of food on our cells and consciousness has led me to experiment with a variety of diet regimes (low fat, high protein, vegetarian, vegan, raw). Information and misinformation has created so much confusion that most people do not know what to eat anymore!

In truth, many of us have never been in superior (non-toxic) health, so there is nothing to compare ourselves (and cells) to. When opting for convenience food and easy choices, it certainly fuels our world economies but not our ultimate health or higher consciousness.

“Life is a tragedy of nutrition”   – Prof Arnold Ehret

My path has finally led me to the Mucusless Diet Healing System. It was created by the visionary German healer Prof. Arnold Ehret (1866-1922) who was one of the first people to advocate fasting and a plant-based, vegan and mucus-free lifestyle. At 31, he cured himself of Bright’s disease with his discoveries and thereby gained back his vitality and health. He opened his own clinics in Switzerland and California and cured thousands of patients (many with advanced cancer).

A contemporary teacher of this system is Prof. Spira and I recommend his very informative website and book Spira Speaks. He goes into great depth about the mucusless healing system and how to do it.

Some of the big points are:

HEALTH is…..a clean bloodstream

Most of us do not realize how unclean the inside of the body is. From the mouth to the colon is one long tube. The colon is the source of all disease and has never been properly emptied since birth. Even as children, we were stuffed with cow’s milk, meat, eggs, potatoes and cereal products.

So the bottom line is….mucus forming foods create so much obstruction that the body can no longer receive efficient amounts of oxygen in the bloodstream.

DISEASE is….constipation

Prof. Erhert believes there are 4,000 different names for ailments but all originate from the same condition of clogged pipes which obstructs the oxygen uptake in the blood. We have yet to feel the impact of the FULL life force and the harmony and health it brings!

VITALITY = Power minus Obstruction

When cells are swimming in toxins, the membrane is less elastic. Our responsiveness is affected on all levels so that we become a smaller version of what we could be.

The human engine is….A PUMP SYSTEM

“Ancestors have been killing themselves with mucus for thousands of generations by putting SOLID matter into an air-gas-engine”  – Prof Spira

OXYGEN is….the real food!

Every organism lives on the expansive energy of carbon dioxide. The carbon, hydrogen and oxygen is produced in green plants by photosynthesis. We block the uptake of the oxygen through the accumulation of our undigested food materials.


When we go against the laws of nature, the body can only respond with DIS-ease. The body is a mirror and a tool and will show us the right way to live.

So…what is accumulated mucus????

It is undigested, uneliminated food substances, dead cells, mucin, inorganic slats, water and past medications.

Living in the buffer zone is the “reality” most of us find our selves/cells in until we transition to the optimal non-congesting fuel for the body. The degree of chaos and stress we have now come to accept as “normal” is the exact opposite to the finely tuned harmony of syncronicity and the beautiful living conditions that creates.


Most of us are so toxic that we now need to transition into the transition diet.

There is NO shortcut…Mother nature will not allow it. Eating “clean” food without first cleansing, can make you feel worse as the food mixes with wastes and poisons in the obstructed blood stream. Cell regeneration can only occur through inner house cleaning.

The Mucusless Diet:

  1. raw fruits/greens….for cleansing qualities
  2. baked fruit/vegetables….the real food
  3. baked/stewed fruit….to moderate elimination

The key is to remember…

FRUIT – loosens

SALAD/COOKED VEG – is the broom

ENEMAS – empties the garbage

So eating is used to control bodily elimination. Our blood will then absorb more oxygen and all of our organs will reap the benefits.

Realistically…it could take our whole life to “transition” but for most it takes 3-5 years because of the levels of our toxicity. Ultimately food energy is viewed as stimulation only as the real energy comes from the oxygen.

We are all seeking in-spira-tion. Interestingly “spira” means spirit and to breathe!!! The wisdoms and answers we seek are in the AIR we breathe.

The next blog will go into greater detail about the diet. It takes much knowledge to do this properly. If you would like to follow up with your own research, please start with Spira’s website and book quoted above.



Tap Roots (part 1 of 3)

To live with CELLULAR AWARENESS is to live in a brand new world full of magical synchronicities and infinite potentials. Throughout history, mythological stories exist of breatharians, immortals and shamans who have experienced the height of human potential. We “mortals” have been led to believe in our limitations so make do with our life choices and illnesses.

When we question rituals and habits, a ray of light finds its way through a crack. New hope and new possibilities emerge if we have the courage or heart felt need to let go of the old ways.

If our social structures are created through our cellular states, we then have the perfect mirror to play our lives differently and a tool to confirm our new choices.

The cell is an ENERGY READER and the tap root to our personal and collective power. With careful cleansing and nutrition, our cells are empowered and liberated thereby becoming fully functional and energized. Suddenly we exist again in our true integrity and right to be! No one can feel the subtle body transitions like yourself. New sensitivities will become available again as we attune to our inner wisdom. By understanding the MATERIAL we are made of, it will put an end to “escaping the self” and put us back in the true playing field of quantum energy possibilities.



Let’s look at the fascinating interior of the cell. It is like a world within a world.

There is so much going on within it is mind blowing!

When we make “toxic choices” it affects the space around the cell and the flexibility of its membrane. In a life situation, this would block our subtle integration and make us respond differently. The STATE of the cell would decide our available energy and have a knock on affect to our individual/collective consciousness.


                     You can only DO what your CELLS can DO! 


img_1925 img_2430


So with clogged “sticky” cells, there is a backlog of unused energy which can intensify and accumulate. Some energy healers can feel this DENSITY in the energy body and can perceive the roots of intense suffering and illness.

According to science, the human body is ALKALINE by design. The environment in which our cells exist must be pH-balanced for optimum well-being. The pH is a measure of the concentration of hydrogen measured on a scale from 0 (very acidic) to 14 (very alkaline). At the centre, at 7, is neutral. Healthy blood has a pH of 7.365


If we give our cells the right fuel, its living environment will be reflected in ours.

img_2431 img_2411










We live in very ACIDIC cultures created by meat, alcohol, sugar, stress, pollution and poor sleep. But the miracle of the cell is that it will adapt to wrong living choices but at a cost with disease and I believe social violence…..we will never know what we could have been if we don’t get this right!

Join me for part 2 of the blog which will be looking at a TRANSITION diet and its social implications!





Locked In?

I would like to thank the many readers and followers who are writing in and commenting on the blog. You are all as curious and concerned as I am! I hope by exploring such big topics with some simplicity and clarity, we can tweak our world and ourselves in a different direction. I sense this is happening already with the feedback.

Occasionally I like to re-evaluate what is driving me to seek and ask so many questions about society, humanity and music. Perhaps I am just an unsettled soul or intuition is calling me to look within? Having a deep feeling that “something is wrong” with the world has been with me for many years!

Asking hard questions can unlock and help re-VIEW the composing (living) process:

  1. Did my life energy help or hinder the world?
  2. Did I get the best out of my life or was it limited by my “toxic” choices?
  3. Did these choices change the trajectory (path) and available energy in my life?
  4. What is a good day really?

With each passing year, I have become acutely aware that I no longer feel FED by consumer society and culture. The buzz of a coffee, a sweet cake or a wander round the shopping mall now leaves a bit of a hollow feeling. I find myself yearning deeper for something else……another WAY of being.

I now know I am “middle aged” as the world seems to be full of young people always looking down at their phones sending a text. Nobody actually looks up anymore! This addiction gives the impression that another human being has absolutely nothing to offer so they are not worth engaging with or even looking at.

If the “eyes are a window to the soul”, then we are missing vital information in not seeing each other. Without seeing, there is no feeling. The world is then wide open to manipulation with homogenous beings living in a homogenous society. It is a lonely place to be in.

We are not tweets. We are not a commercial product to be fashioned by designers. We are not a machine to be programmed with information and data.

So what are we?

Do we even know anymore?

Being layered in technological devices, chemicalized food and advertising media creates a “buffer zone” so thick that intuition cannot penetrate or activate change. Dismantling our wrong doings has to be done SLOWLY as all our worlds are overlapped and affected by such actions.

They say “your health is your wealth”, but to not be sick or in pain does not mean true health! There are levels of consciousness so refined (and achievable) if we delayer and become less addicted to our BLOCKERS!

Only those with an unsettled “inner calling” will feel compelled to do this kind of work….and there is NO going back!

As mentioned in the previous blog, the condition of the cell requires the utmost respect and a NEW lifestyle. The old world will lose its gloss when the love of truth is tasted and digested.

Join me tomorrow for part 1 of 3 blogs delving deeper into CELLULAR regeneration…










Full Circle

Since the last blog post, there has been a massive shift in European politics and more tragic violent events. I would like to address the deep anger driving these changes from a biological perspective.

It is such an anomaly to look at life (events) without the “body in mind”. Because we are bio-resonators, living energetically in a world of  vibrational language, we need to fully understand the MATERIAL we are made of in order to use it wisely.


In all of my years of researching social systems, the mind, diet and musical structures, ONE crucial thing has always been overlooked (or taken for granted). Our levels of confusion, speculation and assumption can only increase without understanding this missing piece of the puzzle.

  1. Why do we not respect ourselves and others fully to the degree that we cause (intentional/unintentional) harm?
  2. Why do we collectively suffer from jealousy, anger, dissatisfaction and internal lack?

The missing piece = the CELLS!

We cannot “escape” our selves or our cells. They are both the means and material for processing life energy.

We have yet to meet and actualise the potential of our selves and cells.


The body is a wonderful instrument in which to create illumination, provided one transforms it.”

– Tibetan saying


The hypothesis being…..the degree of human suffering and all forms of violence are in direct relation to a lack of understanding and cultivated use of the CELL….it is truly what joins us all together regardless of race, religion or economics.



Consider this…

The CELL is –

  1. The starting and finishing point of ALL life.
  2. Central for without it we cannot build or change forms.
  3. The most intelligent part of the body.
  4. The most interfered with (wrong living habits).

Is it possible that what goes on in our cells is what goes on in our life? Are they mirroring each other? If the cell is the “true playing field” then why is this not the center of our learned skill base?

So much emphasis has been placed on understanding the self but I believe we cannot “figure out” life mentally without cellular awareness. Nothing will ever feel REAL until this link is fully understood and played with properly.

We have been dancing around this for eons! Phonetically the words self and cell sound very similar.

Look at the following words with “cell” in mind…they read with much deeper meaning!

celebrate – celestial – excellent – select – counsel – selfish – cancel – sell

Is it merely ironic that those souls who create extreme violence have to spend time in a prison cell? Are they going back FULL CIRCLE to a “cell” of which theirs was never understood or treated with respect? The message is deep and tragic as there are calls for even more prisons with increasing violence.

For those on the outside – there is yet another prison of generating lifestyles through selling the self (on various levels) and maintaining a selfishness for survival.

If we look at this “cellularly” it does indeed make some sense.


  • We are selling/celling every day
  • We are selfish because the cell has to maintain equilibrium to survive
  • We strive for excellence and love to celebrate our achievements
  • We have to be selective to negotiate our worlds and sometimes need to be counseled for advice and support
  • We also are disappointed when something is cancelled as we were looking forward to it


With clarity – I am not trying to justify selfish behaviour but seek to understand it biologically as many of the world’s ills seem to stem from it.

As mentioned in blog #1 the ancient Egyptians viewed anger as “missing information”. I have also questioned why old sound models have not healed our world of violence and suffering to the point of asking if “true” music has begun yet!?


THE QUESTION….. When (historically) has any society lived and created from cellular respect and awareness?


I view our historic social structures as CELLULAR STATES of being and non-being.

Consequently – who owns and generates the “power” has been the leitmotif (leading motive) since societies came into being and to this day is still creating daily violence.

The “missing information” we seek (to diffuse our anger) is in the CELL. The great human tragedy is that the truth was always within and it will ‘set us free’.

How we treat and fuel the cell will be the topic of my next blog very shortly. We will look at the acid/alkaline balance and how this affects consciousness and creativity. Further to this, the ATOMS we “process” through the cells will be the next link in the chain.

In the meantime……




Ponder…..what this (full circle) BIOSPHERE really is!



Compose Yourself

The greatest thing you’ll ever learn, is just to love and be loved in return.”

Eden Ahbez (Nature Boy lyrics)

Life is a composition. We often speak in musical terms without realizing it. In seeking harmony, we aim to be on the same wave length to create sympathetic vibrations so that we can be in resonance with each other. Any degree of tension feels better when there is a resolution. Flow returns yet we have been modulated by the experience…so the cycle continues until we bump into the next big wave!

Our creation is bio-chemically driven; wants, needs and desires are fuelled by hormones. In his book, Britain On the Couch, author Oliver James uncovers why we are unhappier than we were in the 1950’s – despite being richer. The brain produces a ‘happiness chemical’ called Serotonin which can become depleted with stress, competition and criticism.

Living in a “low Serotonin society” produces a lot of sad songs. Lyrics that constantly question love and personal value are common. The more de-powered (or empowered) the human being becomes, the greater the need to create songs that question social structures and authority.

Many people feel we have “lost our way” and are uncertain about the purpose of life. There is a pessimism that comes from low Serotonin along with a need to use stimulants to feel better. Are we just ‘born to shop’ or is there an untapped potential waiting to be explored in all of us?

“Nothing happens until something moves.”

Alfred Einstein

The BIG PROBLEM is…….energy! We get stuck in comfortable and uncomfortable grooves, then we don’t seem to have the energy to get out of them. My experiments as a composer have taught me that just altering one note in a melody can change its trajectory of development and ultimately the whole form of the composition.


Where does one get the energy to change (the notes) in the “life composition” thereby releasing oneself from the grooves?

It is a feeling…in the heart…that something is not right or out of balance. It is love – of life, of humanity, of the precious moment we find ourselves in.

There is so much love in the air. It is full of information and consciousness! I have sensed that my doorways to discovery and invention remain closed….unless…there is a felt love in my experience.


But what kind of love is this? Indescribable to define…it’s an awareness that ALL is living and composing itself (with and without me). The more I feel ‘the living air’, the more I am part of the process of creation. The air is a magical medium!

In the east, there are ancient schools of “energy cultivation” that recognize the infinite potential of the complete human being. We can help our cells (and selves) with more tools to stimulate our growth. It’s the subject of my next blog.

Feel your form….compose yourself!



Making Waves

Hello and welcome to my new experimental blog! For many years I have been researching the healing use of sound in seeking to understand the world condition and the true nature of human suffering. By weaving together studies in Buddhism, sound cymatics, diet, neurology and cellular systems, a platform for discussion and comments will be created.

There are moments in life when everything changes, when the world looks completely different, and when a calling is heard for the very first time. As a teenager, I read a book by Steven Halpern called Tuning the Human Instrument – Keeping Yourself in Sound Health. The idea that “properly chosen sounds” could bring about physical and psychic harmony was a revelation for me!

To become consciously “soundsitive” is to see and respect the body as a bio-resonator. Through kinesiology, it was found that body muscles tested weak to certain rhythms and those rhythms were not good for the heart or nervous system. Most people are not aware of this or that the body will rectify the imbalance if given a chance.

Steven wrote, “most people have never learned how to listen to music in a healing way….very few have trained in the therapeutic aspects of composition and performance”. Crucially, he also said, “music, as an energy, can work on the entire energy body of an individual and speak in the vibration language, the mother tongue, to the various organs and systems, to help bring that body into physical alignment and attunement with its own perfect pattern of perfection”.

My training as a classical pianist and composer felt like a parallel path to this. As a musician, I have always felt like I am in two very separate worlds! Why is that you might ask? Because traditional music was never recognised as “an energy”, so much of its dimensionality and potential was missing for me. Sound formulas, rules, commercial agendas made music into a “material” that could be bought and sold without ever entering its subtle mysteries.

When we read…..between the lines….the space becomes the powerful and meaningful place to be. This intuitive knowing needs to be validated as “a reality” that we all live and operate from. Science is now allowing us to see on screen what we felt in our hearts all along. But crucial life moments place us back in that space of attunement and resonance. It is all within but it takes years to truly trust this!

What do you think of this?

Music is…..

Man Understanding Spiritual Information Clearly
– Kenneth Gamble

This is a very loaded statement. Where do we understand from? What is the information? How can this be done clearly?

For me…..this is the tip of the iceberg. One has to acknowledge music as sacred energy being absorbed by a sacred body to even begin to understand what “information” is being communicated vibrationally. Without respect being given to either sound or body, the potential information is not absorbed. Interestingly, the ancient Egyptians said anger is considered to be a state of “missing information”.

We live in a very volatile world now. Our technology has made us more aware of tension and violence which also feeds daily into our bodies and energy.

My argument is (rightly or wrongly) that if the sound models we have been listening to for the last 500 years vibrationally worked, why do we still have hundreds of wars a year brewing?

Coming back full circle……perhaps we have yet to create through “properly chosen sounds” which will help alleviate the tensions and toxic stresses of this world?

Without understanding spiritual information clearly, we are missing the point of our arts because the subtle energy is not being acknowledged or cultivated for our harmonious good.

So it makes me wonder……has “true” music really begun yet?

I invite your comments!